Tinker Bell

Meet the fairies of Pixie Hollow. This enchanting movie allows us to see how Tinker Bell came to be and how she got her name. Each fairy has his or her own very special talent but Tinker Bell isn't so sure about hers so she sets about to change it. With the help of some very special fairy friends Tink learns the key to solving her problems lies within her own very unique abilities and discovers that when she is true to herself, magical things can happen. Rated: G

Featuring the voice talents of Mae Whitman, Raven Symone, Lucy Liu, America Ferrera, Jane Horrocks and Anjelica Huston to name just a few.

This was overall a delightful movie from start to finish. The imagery and graphics were simply stunning. The story line was simple and sweet. I was thoroughly charmed by this tale of a young fairy on a voyage of self-discovery and assure you that it was well worth the wait for it to come out on video. My girls were delighted as well and played fairies for days afterwards.

Much lighter than the Peter Pan movies, have no fear of letting your young children watch this film. I do not have a single reservation on recommending this film. The dialogue is well written and thought out. There are no scary parts to take you by surprise and other than some wild antics of some thistles there is no violence. Afraid you might fall asleep from the lack of action? Have no fear, the story line is well paced and the storyline is captivating enough to keep even an adult's interest.

What most impressed me with this movie is that unlike many other Walt Disney movies it does not contain violence or witch craft. There is no evil persona trying to take over the world by force. While I recognize that the triumph of good over evil is essential movie formula, I do get tired of trying to explain to my 5 year old why that lady was so mean and why she wants to take over the world. They at that age just do not understand that level of selfishness. While movies that promote discussions are always good and have their place, at some point you need to bring things back down to the children's understanding level.

Tinker Bell does this. We were able to talk about how everyone comes in different shapes and different sizes with different talents and how we should be content with who we are. We talked about the consequences of being mean to others. And, of course, we talked about whether fairies were real or not and if they weren't how does spring arrive?

The bonus features on this disc were fun too. If your child can't get enough of the movie try "exploring" Pixie Hollow. Tinker Bell takes you on a delightful and interactive tour of the Hollow.

As you can tell, I am not a professional reviewer but I hope that this has been helpful and feel free to post any questions you may have if you'd like more detailed information.

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