Wall E

Wall E
In the distant future, a small waste collecting robot inadvertently embarks on a space journey that will ultimately decide the fate of mankind.

Featuring the voice talents of:  Ben Burtt (WallE), Elissa Knight (EVE), Jeff Garlin, Fred Willard, MacinTalk, Sigourney Weaver, etc.... 

Rating:  G. 


This was a cleverly and cutely done movie.  Basic premise, is we as humans have turned our planet into a garbage dump.  The solution?  To go on the longest vacation of your life, into space on a space cruise ship, while little robots left behind take care of the garbage and clean up.  The only problem is, is that it takes longer than anyone could have imagined.  Several centuries later, almost all of the cleaning robots (Wall E's) are fried, leaving one who keeps on plugging away at.  He develops a quirky personality and seems enthralled with the junk humans have thrown away.  

Meanwhile on the cruise ship, humans have developed into fat, lazy blobs who can't do anything for themselves.  So much so to the point that the ship's computer deems that the best thing for the humans is for them to remain the fat lazy blobs that they are.  EVE; however, is a robot programmed to return to earth every so often and search for plant life.  When it finally does find plant life the ship's computer does everything to stop the humans from breaking out of their lazy routines and from returning to earth.  Wall E meanwhile falls in love with EVE. 

This is a Pixar film and like most of their films, it was charming.  I love animated films but there has got to be some kind of draw to pull an adult in and keep them there.  Many of the movie elements were over my children's understanding, like humans who given everything they could ask for became lazy, fat and dim and the more obvious message of how we're littering our planet to death.   But they still enjoyed it from Wall E's hangout to the cute little robot who obsessively cleans everything. 

As for content.  It was pretty clean.  There is one part where Wall E plays with a bra he finds. Innocently though. 

For Violence:  There is also some shooting done by EVE with a futuristic gun but she does not shoot any characters, only inaninmate objects.  In another scene, a robot falls a long distance and breaks apart.  

For profanity:  There is a recorded message of  "Darn it All" and "Let's Get the Heck out of Here."

For frightening/scary scenes:  Very emotional scene when Wall E gets beaten up and is almost crushed. It all ends okay though. The space ship when landing is loud and almost lands on a visibly frightened WallE.  The captain gets into a fight with the ships autopilot and gets thrown around the room several times and jabbed in the eye at least once.  

Very small children might be disturbed by the damaged Wall E scene.  It does suck you in and makes you worry about whether he's gonna make it or not.  

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